Information for Programs for Weekly Meetings


I.  Notes about Program Committee for Rotary Year 2017-2018

●  The Co-Chairs of the Programs Committee are the President-Elect Smokey Shott and the Vice President Peter Romano.

●  The Committee's purpose is to provide members with programs that are interesting and which are relevant, especially those with local significance.

    We will utilize a committee of a few-to-several Club members, as many as want to participate. The committee will meet briefly occasionally to discuss things and update the

    calendar or will communicate by email or texting. If you are interested, please let one of the Co-Chairs or the President know. 

    Whether or not you are on the committee, if you have an idea for a good program, please let Co-Chairs or President know.

    The Committee will endeavor to schedule a Rotary Theme program for each month, as indicated below:

    Rotary Monthly Themes

July - Changeover Month - Getting organized for new Rotary Year

August - Membership & Extension Month

September - New Generations Month

October - Vocational Service Month

November - Foundation Month

December - Family Month

January - Rotary Awareness Month

February - World Understanding Month

March - Literacy Month

April - Magazine Month

May - Promote International Convention Month

June - Rotary Fellowships Month


 II.  Guidelines for Persons Arranging Rotary Programs


1. When meeting/talking with potential speakers, discuss this information:


Where - Fincastle on the Mountain - Need to be there by about 11:50, earlier if setting up is necessary


When - Meeting starts at noon with lunch; Program presentation begins by 12:40 p.m.


Subject - If there is a specific topic you are looking for, or speaker’s choice


How long - Plan for 20 minutes, including time for Q/A. Might have more time, depending upon other meeting factors. Stress need for presentation to be completer so that the meeting can end by 1:00



2. When Date for Program is set:


Find out speaker's needs (projector, screen, etc.)


Provide speaker written program information in Item 1


Notify Program Chair of date, speaker, topic and special needs, if any


Get information about speaker for Program Introduction



3. A few days prior to Program


Follow-up to make sure all is okay



4. The Day of the Program


Be there early to greet and assist speaker with setting up


Introduce the speaker/program - Not more than a minute or so.



5. A few days after the Program


Send a “thank you” note or email, or call and thank the speaker for the program.