The Century Club

We were pleased and honored to have District Governor Mary Keely and husband Bob join us for the inauguration of the Century Club on March 29, 2011.


The Century Club is the idea of Don Rice, who is responsible for doing all that was necessary to organize it and determine the members that qualified for this very special group.


To qualify for membership a Rotarian's combined age and number of years in Rotary must total 100 or more, and 18 of our members met that standard.


Two of those members recently passed away as the Century Club was being organized, Ed Elliott and Dick Wood, and Al Modena acknowledged their participation and read resolutions detailing their lives both as Rotarians and members of our community.


DG Mary congratulated our club for this special way of acknowledging the service of those Rotarians being inducted into the Century Club, and cited "the power of one" in associating its formation to the idea that Paul Harris had when he created the first Rotary Club back in 1905, an idea that changed the world. "My wish is that through the power of one and this new Century Club, that you will also change the world with this recognition," she said.



John Beckett conducted the induction, DG Mary congratulated each inductee and presented them with a certificate, assisted by Membership Chair Mike Snider.


John offered some insight into the term "century," and told us that among the charter members of the Century Club the least number of years of membership is 14 and the most was 63; the total number of years of Rotary service of all charter members is 718; and the average number of years of Rotary membership is 40.


He also noted some members who passed away several years ago who would have qualified: Bev Blalock, Primo Delgado, Bill Harvey, Jim Laws, Jeff Norconk, Ray Ratliff, Marvin Rogers, Alvin Platnick, Robert Richardson.


Members inducted into the Century Club and their Century Number, pictured left to right above, are:

Norris Kantor - 128

Scott Shott - 129

Denos Demopoulos - 120

Al Modena - 111

Jay Rodgen - 154

Tyler Easley - 150

Glen Buchannan - 110

Bea Paine - 103

Don Rice - 106

Genie Hancock - 102

Puck Kiser - 126

Jim Paine - 101

Charles Peters - 101

Not pictured:

Paul Cole - 123

Jim Godwin - 146

Jack McGhee - 127

Recently deceased:

Ed Elliott - 126

Dick Wood - 149

Congratulations to these fine Rotarians for their service to their community and their dedication to Bluefield Rotary.



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